Groupe x A Number of Names presents Sent by New York City based Artist Victor Roman, from Thursday, November 10th to  __________.

The second installment of Victor Roman’s debut “Digi-Com” series, Sent takes an ethnographic approach to the virtual reality we have come to live in. Pulling the cultural phenomena of Digital Communication out of its natural environment, Roman distorts not only its contextual meaning but the lens from which we interpret those messages. Sent invites the audience to become observers of their own digital habitats and to be confronted by their own humanity or lack thereof. In this exhibition, 10 original canvas works will be on display, accompanied by a video installation and limited edition print. On the opening day of November 10th, a reception will be held for Roman where limited edition t-shirts will be on sale. Drinks will be provided by Crystal Head Vodka®. Music by Phil Mossman of LCD Soundsystem. 

Artist Statement

Sent is a continued conversation between technology and humanity. The first installment of this series, Defragment, laid a foundation and acted as a primer for the discussion I wanted to start, and have now created with my audience. My goal for this installment was to take away the buffer zone, the added commentary and the interpretation. When I stripped all of those elements away, all the was left was a mirror that anyone can look at, and see themselves. Sent is truly a complicated story of strong human emotion within an artificial world.  

Artist Profile

Victor Roman was born in 1987, in the Lower East Side, and is now based on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. At the beginning of his art career, Roman attended Parsons, where he delved into Digital Design. His ability to create with ease on a digital platform transferred over with fluidity on to canvas. He is known equally for his clean minimalist design work, as he is for his visually stimulating art pieces.

Roman is known for his vibrant hues, bold contrasting lines, and his ability to manipulate acrylic paint into surreal color palettes. His pieces serve as vessels that amplify his personal observations and curiosities while inviting his audience to navigate with him, through a digitally enhanced world.

Exhibition Overview

Victor Roman, SENT.
Date: November 10th, 2016
Opening reception: Thursday, November 10th, 2016, 7pm
Open hours: __ pm, Monday-Friday