Rivington Design House presents DEFRAGMENT by New York based Contemporary Artist Victor Roman, from Thursday, November 19th to Wednesday, December 16, 2015.

DEFRAGMENT will be Roman's debut exhibition held at Rivington Design House.The vibrant canvas pieces were designed digitally, followed by hand painted gradients and intricacies that have become Roman's most well-know techniques.
This series marks the transition into Victor Roman’s newest inspirations with a fresh, never-before seen collection. In this exhibition, canvas works ranging in size will be on display, accompanied by an installation and a one-night-only performance piece. On the opening day of November 19th, a reception will be held for Roman where limited edition t-shirts and tote bags will be on sale. Drinks will be provided by Zacapa® Rum and Brooklyn Brewery®

Artist Statement

DEFRAGMENT is a culmination of feelings as an artist who works with pixels and paint, so it is very therapeutic to watch it all come to life. Throughout my process, I held tight the belief that a true artist uses the platform they have to reflect their time, ideas, and conflicts. This is where I ultimately found my inspiration. We are constantly being challenged by technology; it defines us, and yet we want so hard to define ourselves without it.
I took these thoughts, and began to explore the lost and curious place that I was taken within myself. Ultimately, I wanted to share this experience with my audience, and it was important to me that the push and pull between Digital and Organic matter could be translated over many different personal experiences. For this reason, I created compositions that were open to interpretation. DEFRAGMENT is an exploration into the landscape of a technology driven era; a modern day love story between what is real and what claims to be.

Artist Profile

Victor Roman was born in 1987, in the Lower East Side, where he grew up most of his life, and is now based on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. At the beginning of his art career, Roman attended Parsons, where he delved into Digital Design. His ability to create with ease on a digital platform transferred over with fluidity on to canvas. He is known equally for his clean minimalist design work, as he is for his visually stimulating art pieces.
Roman is known for his vibrant hues, bold contrasting lines, and his ability to manipulate acrylic paint into surreal color palettes. His pieces serve as vessels that amplify his personal observations and curiosities while inviting his audience to navigate with him, through a digitally enhanced world.

Exhibition Overview
Victor Roman, DEFRAGMENT
Date: November 19 – December 16, 2015
Opening reception: Thursday, November 19, 7-10 pm
Gallery: RIVINGTON DESIGN HOUSE - 52 Kenmare St
Open hours: 11-7 pm, Monday-Friday