Victor Roman is a Contemporary Artist based in New York City. Raised in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Roman’s artistic aspirations began at a young age and matured after attendingParsons School of Design. During his time in Parsons, he delved into Illustration, while exploring textured mediums on both canvas and digital platforms. It is during this stage that he perfected the techniques he has come to be best known for.

With over 7+ years experience in the arts and design, a successful career under his belt and a heavy-hitter list of clients, Roman has mastered the ability to transfer his visions with fluidity on to large scale canvas pieces and conceptual installations.

Roman’s painting style has echoed his illustrative talents through his use of clean sharp lines, powerful use of color and the seamless appearance of his hand painted pieces. His most recent works have begun to further explore his personal relationship and internal struggle between his two crafts of illustration and paint, as well as the post-modern era’s battle between the organic and the digital world. Roman utilizes his platform to amplify his personal observations and curiosities while inviting his audience to navigate with him, through a digitally enhanced world.

Artist Statement